Image Gallery

SERIES INTRODUCTION Testing in Progress Last Stop Downtown Private Right of Way Convention Center
Leaving Theater District Tacoma Dome Station Along Commerce St. Car Barns Old Union Station
Shuttered Businesses Hillside Beyond Intense Sunlight Streetcar Approaching Building Progress
Link and Old Buildings Train and Union Station Convention Center/S 15th Commerce St. No Right Turn
On E. 25th St. Along Pacific Building Construction Leaving Union Station Freighthouse Square
Northern Terminal Side View Planting Theater District Second Track Begins
Convention Center Old City Hall Far Off Mountain Old Skyline Groomed Landscape
History Museum Maintenance Facility Painted Buildings Old Advertising Down the Grade
Plaza and Buses Cairns Theater District Commuter Parking Bridge of Glass
Bright Summer Flowers Summer of 2007 Public Space Summer of 2008 Summer of 2009
Turning onto Pacific Bridge Beyond Cascading Water Southern Bumper Meeting at Union Station
Looking Outside Waves Keep Off Tracks Still Awaiting Old Tacoma
Area Map Tracks