Image Gallery - I

Free Rail Zone
Original Downtown Route

SERIES INTRODUCTION To Hillsboro Along SW 1st To City Center Historic District
Trees on SW Morrison Ads and Reflections Systems Meet Turnback Switches Storefronts and Light Rail
Pedestrians and Stores Switches for the Loop Rails in Pavement Burnside Overpass Red Line, Once-Terminal
Approaching the Loop Line Colors In the Turnaround Joining on SW Yamhill Trees and Flowers
SW Morrison at SW 10th Waiting in Center City Distant Ascent On SW Yamhill. From Burnside Bridge
Bend Along SW 1st In Springtime Leaf Complexity Portland Saturday Market Two Trains Below
Near Morrison Bridge SW Yamhill Greenery Wrong-Way Switch Curving North Pioneer Square North
Quiet Stretch Main Library Activity in Pioneer Square Close-Up Streetside Seating
Pioneer Square South Colonnade Flowers for Sale Yamhill District Middle of the Train
Mall/SW 5th Heading Out Red Arrow Skidmore Fountain Leaving Construction
Tracks Join on SW Yamhill Crossing Construction Crossing SW Park Dipping Under Construction Ahead
Two Trains, Distant Bears Near Pioneer Sq. Fountain and Skyscraper Beyond the Switch Overhead Passage
Construction Continues Street Closure Westbound by Courthouse August Evening Under Burnside Br.
Switch Along SE 1st SEGMENT INTRODUCTION Premature Ending Weekend Crowds Courthouse Beyond
At Skidmore Fountain Back of the Trolley Transit History Preserved Colonnade Rise and Drop
Another Library View Change Curves and Puddles Trees, 2009 Rails Cross, Pioneer Sq.
Waning Days Service Interrupted Pioneer Square North Crossing Near Courthouse SECTION FINALE

Free Rail Zone
Steel Bridge

Steel Bridge Traffic Separates Approaching the Bridge Steel Bridge Meet From Broadway Bridge
Bridge and Skyline From River's Edge Strength and Presence Yellow Line, Two Trains Bridge Is Up
Multiple Bridges Ships on the Willamette Trains Passing, Bridge Under Cloudy Skies Profile
SEGMENT INTRODUCTION Car #511 Vintage Trolleys Meet Vintage Ascent Organic Produce
Announcing the Sights Railroad Below Curving Off Rails on Two Levels Junction Soon In Use
Lanes Divide From Broadway Bridge Union Station Beyond "Type 4" Above Descending to the West
Old Emblem Clouds Departing Fading More Junction, West Side Eastside, from a Park
From NW Glisan River Crossing Signal and Trains Inside Approaching Trains on Two Levels

Free Rail Zone
East of the River

New Line North SECTION INTRODUCTION Lloyd District Trains About to Pass East of the River
Trackwork Trains Have Met Three Tracks Vintage Trolley Spur Rose Quarter
From Holladay Park SEGMENT INTRODUCTION Vintage Trolley Stop Convention Center Descending Steel Bridge
Switches, Rose Quarter Bridge Approach Along NE Holladay NE 7th Ave. Canopy, Convention Ctr.
Freeway Above Thick Leaf Painted Over Switches, Bridge, Train Circular Art
Rose Quarter Rose Quarter Eastbound Two Trains at NE 11th Reserved Lanes Canopy NE 7th
Timings Rose Garden and Trains Vintage Trolley Turning Rail Map, 2009 Transit Center
Yellow Line and Glass Unkempt Grass NE Holladay Structures More Circular Art Vintage Trolley, Inbound
Bright Headlights See Portland At the Controls Employee Gesture Rise With Us
New Car, Side View An August Morning LRVs at Rose Quarter    

Free Rail Zone
Portland Mall

The Next Big Thing Downtown Plans Interior, Rain SEGMENT INTRODUCTION Rails Near Union Station
Turnaround Near PSU New Rails Union Station, 2009 Green Means Go By Pioneer Courthouse
Future Turnaround Union Station, 2008 Two Systems SW 6th and Pine Steel Bridge Beyond
Three Tracks First Stop Inbound Autumn, Harrison Crossing SW Mill Trains in Service
Main Line Rails Toward Steel Bridge Innermost Track No Service Streetcar Beyond
Three Runs in View Crossing Madison City Hall Vicinity Station Tower Beyond Downtown Lanes
Crossing Over Bank of the West Curve Ahead Blocks Near Union Station In Downtown
Skyscraper View Vintage Trolley Downtown Shopping Powered by Orange Station Tower, Autumn
On a Loop Track Portland State Blocks North Crossing Market Banks and Low Clouds
MAX Crossing Area Map Vehicular Comparison City Hall Northbound at Madison
Young Trees, Color Change Crossing Morrison In the Loop Jefferson Crossed Pioneer Place
Beginning a Turn Downgrade By Stark Last Stop Northbound Mall View Through Window
At Washington        
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