Image Gallery - II

Corridor Color Cleveland Tracks Beyond Distant Mountain East Burnside, Darkness
Morning Fog Twilight in Gresham Sullivan's Gulch In the Median Banfield Corridor
Old Right of Way Platform, Gresham Gateway/E 99th Landscaping Nearing Lloyd Center
Red Line Joins Gresham End Tracks Diverge SECTION INTRODUCTION Trees on the Platform
Early October Street Crossing Waiting To Depart Middle Track at Gateway Tracks End
Darkness Comes Leafy Passage Junction Ahead E 102nd Curving Through Gresham
Switch Tracks Crossing E Burnside Gresham Central Junction, Looking Inbound Mt. Hood Beyond
Junction, Dry Season From Eastbound Train Autumn, Gateway    
Deepest Station SW Washington St. Beaverton Bumper at Hillsboro Beaverton, Red Line
Autumn Color Blue Sky, Beaverton Being and Non-Being SECTION INTRODUCTION Vista Bridge
On SW 18th Ave. Goose Hollow PGE Park Approaching the Portal Crossing the Freeway
Washington Park Beaverton, to Hillsboro Route Ends Leaving Hillsboro Hints of the Past?
Spur and Electricity Robertson Portals Land For Sale Portals Close-Up Goose Hollow
Sunset Transit Center Three Tracks Rain in Hillsboro SE Washington St. Interurban Homage
Beaverton Creek Outfield Fence Looking Toward Town Outside Free Rail Zone Nature Park
Ballpark to the West World's Greatest Ballpark to the Right MAX Rail Map, 2009 Vista Bridge from Afar
Sweeping Curve Land Developed Sunset, New Vehicle Stopped Underground Two Trains
SECTION INTRODUCTION Looping Over Itself Airport Departure Light Rail at PDX Single Track
Train to Train Future Development Bumper, Airport Single Car, Near Cascades Tower in the Distance
Three Tracks at Cascades Train, Trees and Objects Above the Path Above the Freeway Over NE Alderwood
SECTION INTRODUCTION Under Construction Double Curves At N Albina Delta Park/Vanport
Two Trains Wait Vanport Bridge N Killingsworth Leaving the Median Near the Free Rail Zone
Kenton/N Denver Bridge Approach Interior View Overlook Park Neighborhood Scene
Leaving Vanport Br. Waiting to Cross New Landscape Motels and History Street Restrictions
North of Rose Quarter From Broadway Bridge      
SECTION INTRODUCTION Tracks Merging Junction, Looking South Work Cars Below From E Burnside St.
"Winding Post" "Money Tree" View Through the Cab Right of Way At SE Mai
At Lents Town Center LRV #411 Rising Right of Way Approaching the Terminal Inbound from Clackamas
Rear Window, Rain From E Burnside St. Busy With Information Early in the Day More Blue Fence
Two Trains, SE Division At SE Powell Look Both Ways Third Track Tracks Below
Heading Under Outbound at SE Main Clackamas, Inbound Mt. Hood Beyond Two Trains, SE Powell
Art at SE Holgate Signal Off      
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