Yellow Line

The Yellow Line, also known as Interstate MAX, is the second newest of the four light rail lines.  It added 5.8 route miles to the system when it opened for business in the spring of 2004.   Initially it traveled the original downtown route in Portland, but as of 2009 it began using Portland Mall.  It continues outbound over Steel Bridge, and leaves the Blue, Green and Red Lines at the first cross-street east of the Willamette River, N Interstate Ave.

In this scene trains wait on two of the three tracks at Expo Center, near the Columbia River, the final stop north.  The photo was taken during the first month of operation. 

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Readying for Service Curving Tracks Industrial Portland
Delta Park/Vanport Waiting at Expo Center Across Vanport Bridge
N Killingsworth Leaving the Median Beyond Free Rail Zone
Kenton/N Denver Crossing Argyle Interior View
Overlook Park Fencing in the Median Off Vanport Bridge
Crossing Fenwick Newly Planted Along Interstate
Restricted Turning Nearing Rose Quarter From Broadway Bridge