Two Trains, SE Division St.

This view is again at SE Division St., but now the line is in the first few months of its operation.  Trains heading in both directions are at the station.  All stops on the route along and near I-205 have a single, center platform. 

The train to the right has a caution signal to proceed inbound toward City Center.  By two further stops it will have joined up with both the Blue Line from Gresham and the Red Line from Portland's airport.

The extension out to Clackamas Town Center is about six and one-half miles long after the Green Line heads off on its own.  It contains eight stations.  Most of the run is parallel to Interstate 205, and grade crossings are limited to one regular street and one access road to a park-and-ride lot.  It is a fast ride, but does not present the traveler with much in the way of scenic excitement, except perhaps the small triumph of looking at clogged traffic on the freeway.

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