St. Charles Streetcar

The St. Charles Streetcar is the oldest continuously operating street railroad in the world, with service along the inner portion of the route dating back to 1835.  A marker that commemorates the history of the line tells that it was powered in earlier eras by mule, horse, and steam engine, all prior its electrification in 1893.  It is one of the very few transportation routes on the National Register of Historic Places.    

This photo is from along St. Charles Ave. near Third St., in the Garden District.  Notwithstanding the shining light, the car is heading outbound, away from the camera and toward its terminal at S. Claiborne Ave.  

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Peculiar Trackage Headlights in Both Directions At S. Claiborne Ave.
Service Problems Curving Around Lee Circle Leaving One-Way Running
Side View at Lee Circle Quiet Time on St. Charles Ave. Open Windows and Elbows
Spreading Tree on St. Charles Celebrating History On Carondelet St.
Near Third St. Crossing at Jeanette St. Lineup and Open Doors
Operator Discussion Complete Stop Proceed Slowly Stopped By Traffic
Seven Cars In Sight Parade of Cars Waiting in Both Directions
Switches to the Car Barn Turning Off One Block on Canal St.
Carrollton Station Outbound from the CBD February Windows Open
Made Last Night Standing Room Only Winter Leaves
Old Homes Onto Neutral Ground Turning Onto Canal St.
Outbound at Lee Circle Track from the Car Barn After the Celebration
Runners Deceiving Rails Curving Inbound
Soon Inbound Car #903 In Carrollton
Canal St., Front View future future

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