Two Lines on MetroLink

The MetroLink network consists of two light rail routes.  The older one, now called the Red Line, has grown to be the nation's longest run, extending more than 37 miles.  From the northwest it goes from Lambert Airport into downtown St. Louis, and then across the Mississippi River.  In Illinois it heads through East St. Louis and other areas southeast to the Shiloh-Scott terminal, far into St. Clair County.  The newer Blue Line runs nine stations on its own southwest of St. Louis from Shrewsbury-Lansdowne I-44 before joining the older route into a closer-in Illinois terminal.

The lines use old railroad tunnels for a mile-long subway under center city. The Mississippi River is crossed on Eads Bridge, which at well over a century old is a landmark in the nation's bridge history.  Part of it shows in this image, taken from the St. Louis side, with an outbound train crossing on the lower level of the structure. 
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East Riverfront Forest Park Station Industry
Eads Bridge Through the Arches Airport, Main Terminal
Main Span, River Arch in the Background Curve at Forest Park
High Rises Ahead East St. Louis Flatlands From an Airplane
To Emerson Park Leaving East St. Louis Subway Entrance
Memorial Hospital Farmland Freight Activity
Straight Running Route Ends Switches
Tracks Crossing Major Construction Waiting
Tracks End Straight Running Bridge Spans
Convention Center No Trains in Sight Single Track
Nearing the Station Departing Scott-Shiloh Wabash Alignment
Signal, 5th & Missouri Leaving College Heading East
Into the Subway The Oldest Subway Near 5th & Missouri
Siemens Vehicles Station Below Upper Roadway
 Embankment Old Delmar Station View from College
Subway Scene Union Station Freight Underneath
Changing Scene Under the Old Station Springtime in Illinois
Busch Stadium Nearby Train in the Subway Another Bridge
Leaving Lambert Main Arches Airport Approach
Freeway Above Lambert Airport Main Last Stop
Track, Platform, Farm Zone of Commerce Hospitals
Near UM-St. Louis In the Cut Amtrak in the Distance
Green Signal Still Farmland Junction
Control Tower Nation's Crossroads Elevated Ending
Belleville Inbound at Belleville Casino and Industry
At Clayton The New Busch Stadium Information
Tracks at the Junction Railroad Heritage Sweeping Curve
Laclede's Landing Many Kinds of Arches Downtown View
End of the Line Passing Over Yard Leads
Triple Arch Freight Spur Double Switches
Convention Center Maintenance Facility Two Extra Rails
Very Old Overpass Inbound View, Grand Station Entrance
Looking Through Arches Tunnel Platform Low Clearance
Shadow and Sunlight