Canal Streetcar

Canal St. is one of America's widest downtown thoroughfares.  For many decades earlier in the city's history the inner portion of Canal St. carried four tracks busy with streetcars.  As the city's public transportation system was converted almost entirely to buses the trackage contracted.  After the original Canal car line was abandoned in 1964, the only remaining rail running anywhere along the street was one block of single-track running used by city's last line, the St. Charles Streetcar. 

Renewed interest in electric urban rail transportation brought back tracks and a revived route to Canal St. in 2004.  The line leaves its junction with the Riverfront Streetcar close to the Mississippi, and extends more than three miles to the Cemeteries terminal.  Not too far from the outbound end a second branch turns off at N. Carrollton Ave. to reach City Park/Museum. 

As for the peculiar switch and additional trackage to the left in this view, some day it is anticipated that additional service, "A Streetcar Named Desire," will terminate downtown by looping along streets in this area.

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