Three Lines, Automated

The Vancouver area is served by three heavily patronized urban rail lines on a system known as SkyTrain.  The original route, now expanded and called the Expo Line, travels together with the much newer Millennium Line for fourteen stations outbound from Waterfront in downtown Vancouver.  The Expo Line then goes across the Fraser River into Surrey, and the Millennium loops back through Burnaby on a different route from what it has traveled earlier, returning toward central Vancouver (but not to downtown). 

Much of the original route is above-ground, as indicated by the system's common name.  The newer Canada Line has a long subway portion, extending far south under and beyond downtown, and through most of its Vancouver run, before it reaches the surface and aerial running to split in Richmond for two branches.

SkyTrain is an operating entity of TransLink, which is the name given to the variety of services under the purview of the South Coast British Columbia Transportation Authority.

This photo shows a two-car train heading away from the skyline of center city, east of the Main Street-Science World Station, on the original right of way.
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