Green Line and More

The main part of Boston's light rail network is the Green Line, which consists of four different branches.  All go under downtown in the Tremont St. Subway, America's oldest underground transit route.  The heavy traffic and the multiple destinations result in headways often only seconds apart during peak times, and in very crowded conditions at the old stations. 

Eastbound these routes end either underground at Government Center or North Station, or at the venerable outdoor terminal at Lechmere, across the Charles River in Cambridge. 

West of center city, the subway continues under Boylston Street before the first branch splits off for Heath St.  The three other lines emerge to the surface after Kenmore.  The longest route extends all the way out to Riverside, in large part along former railroad right of way.  Its opening in 1959 was an early milestone in the rebirth of U.S. light rail.  The two other branches go to Boston College and to Cleveland Circle. 

The view on this page, through a front window, shows another car just ahead and an outbound train approaching.  The subway portal and Kenmore station are not far ahead.  The Prudential Building is in the background.

In addition to the Green Line, there is also a short trolley route known as the Mattapan-Ashmont Line.  It serves as an extension to the Ashmont Branch of the Red Line subway, and has no connections to the rest of the light rail system.  And it still uses those glorious old PCC streetcars.

Links to Individual Pages:
Mattapan High Speed Line At Mattapan Lower North Station
Mattapan Paint Schemes  In the Subway Riverside, Inbound
North Station, Two Trains Riverside, Snow Scene Boston Garden
Lechmere Viaduct Viaduct Slowly Waiting at Lechmere
Leaving Lechmere Elevated Tracks Above the Street
All Trains, North Station Stairs and Steel North Station, Inbound
Stairway Closed Crowds Underground Leaving Lechmere
Inbound from Lechmere Lechmere Storage America's First Subway
Up from the Subway Toward Cleveland Circle Near the Last Stop
Loop at Cleveland Circle Beacon St. Trackage Trees Along Beacon
Tilting Inbound Commonwealth Curves Along Commonwealth
Commonwealth Downhill Commonwealth Closeup From the Platform
Commonwealth Inbound Close Behind Urban Vista
Mattapan Loop Orange PCC Snow and Rails
To Government Center Across Charles River Storage and Loop
Barrier Between Tracks Street Level Trackage Station Along the Way
Diagram of the Branches Inbound at Heath Leaving Haymarket
Ashmont Ahead Subway Entrance Valley Rd.
Platform at Ashmont Heath St. Rounding the Loop
Leaving Park St. Street Running Car 3238
Hynes Convention Center Sunlight, Lechmere Close Underground
Entering Heath St. Loop Into the Portal Two Levels
Old and New Front-End View Lechmere Entry
Approaching Heath St. Loop Causeway St., Daylight 1910
Ascending to Science Park Front-End View First Car Through