From Downtown to the Airport

In July, 2009, Seattle became the last of the West's traditional big cities to begin operation of a modern light rail route.  Central Link goes just under sixteen miles from downtown Seattle to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport, by way of the SODO district, a tunnel under Beacon Hill, and then through the Rainier Valley and Tukwila.

Central Link is a component of Sound Transit, an operating entity serving three counties.  It also runs two commuter rail routes, an extensive express-bus network, and the short Tacoma Link streetcar line.

This view shows a train at Stadium, the last stop inbound before the line heads under downtown Seattle.  The tallest skyscraper in the background is the city's highest: Columbia Center, at 937 feet. 

It was an absolutely beautiful summer day at the time this photo was taken, within hours after Link's opening.