Serving Phoenix, Tempe and Mesa

The Phoenix area entered the modern era of urban electric rail transportation with the inauguration of METRO during the last week of 2008.  The twenty-mile initial line goes from northwest of downtown and then through the Uptown and Midtown districts, into and through center city, and on east, continuing out southeast into and through Tempe, and finally reaching the line's other terminal, in Mesa. 

METRO is the chosen name for Valley Metro Rail Inc., a non-profit public corporation.  There are 28 stations in each direction.  Much of the route utilizes reserved lanes along existing streets.  North and east of the heart of Phoenix, trains run along parallel one-way streets.  This view in downtown shows an eastbound train leaving 1st Ave. to begin its run along Jefferson St.  The train is near the older and newer civic buildings.  The winter sun is intense, and it reflects sharply off the front of the turning train.  

All the other photos in the present limited form of this series are from several months before service began.  In the near future additional coverage will be provided which will show much more of METRO in operation.