Lee Circle

The view out the side window of our streetcar by Lee Circle is a bit cloudy, but it is sharp enough to show another Perley Thomas unit just ahead.  In a twist peculiar to this location alone in America (or so I believe), the outbound and inbound routes of the same line briefly share the same stretch of track.  It only lasts for a short distance.  It has to do with the logic of roundabouts and one way streets and it lasts for only one quadrant of the traffic circle.  Outbound cars have come from the CBD down St. Charles Ave., and must travel to the left at the switch ahead to regain St. Charles on the other side of the circle.  Inbound cars, such as ours, will switch right, along Howard Ave. briefly, before heading into downtown on Carondelet St.  It is a strange sequencing to contemplate -- but it is an event very much befitting New Orleans.

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