Three Lines, and Growing

DART, Dallas Area Rapid Transit, operates three light rail routes, the Red Line, Blue Line, and the first phase of the Green Line.  The system currently has over 52 unduplicated route miles, with several dozen more miles under construction. 

The Red and Blue Lines
start out at different locations to the northeast and join just short of the Mockingbird station.  They travel together through a 3.5 mile subway underneath the Central Expressway to the northern edge of downtown, and then run along transit-only streets through the center of the city.  The joint line continues past Union Station adjacent to railroad right of way, and then later crosses a long trestle over the Trinity River flood plain.  Beyond the station at 8th & Corinth the routes diverge toward separate destinations to the south and southwest.

The Green Line joins the other two through downtown.  It currently starts at Victory, one station to the northwest from the downtown corridor, and goes four stations out to the southeast from the other side of downtown