Green Line and Blue Line

Metropolitan Cleveland is one of the very few areas in the country that maintained continuous light rail service from the glory years of the trolley onward.  Although the city's entire streetcar system was abandoned, two routes heading east into the City of Shaker Heights, which operated the system for decades, survived.  Service is now provided by the Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority. 

The two lines are formally identified as 67AX-Shaker and 67X-Van Aken, but are more generally referred to as the Green Line and Blue Line, respectively.  This photo is on the Green Line, which operates in part in the very wide and tree-lined median of Shaker Blvd. 

The Waterfront Line Extension, opened in the 1990s, added five additional stations in Cleveland near downtown.   The routes run together eleven stations from South Harbor on the Waterfront Line to Shaker Square before branching off to their respective destinations.