LYNX Light Rail

There are fifteen stations in all along the 9.6 mile LYNX Blue Line.  This image shows the southern terminal, I-485/South Blvd.  One-car trains are on both tracks, with the rails closer to the camera to carry the next train inbound to 7th St.

The line has two very distinct portions to it.  The eight stations farther out feature relatively high-speed running, with several elevated stretches, but also with a number of grade crossings, each requiring the traditional blaring warning from the horn.  Most of this stretch parallels an active Norfolk Southern freight Line. 

By the East/West Blvd. station the Blue Line has joined up with the Charlotte Trolley route.  The style of power pole switches to something resembling a more historic appearance.  Speeds are decreased the rest of the way, and the horn is not used at the remaining street crossings.

Service is provided every 7.5 minutes in peak times, with runs at 15 minute intervals during much of the rest of the day, and every half hour at the least-used periods.  It takes about 25 minutes to make the full one-way trip

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