Three Lines Together Through Downtown

Baltimore's light rail consists of two major routes and a shorter line that serves the central part of the city.  All three travel through downtown along reserved lanes on Howard St.  Trains move slowly through this older and somewhat shopworn territory.   

The longer lines run together much of the way, but have separate terminals to the north, and split into two branches near their southern endings.  The Blue Line goes from Hunt Valley in the northern suburbs to BWI Airport.  The Yellow Line starts closer in to the north at Timonium.  Twenty-two stations later it splits off from the other line to go two further stops to Cromwell Station/Glen Burnie. 

The short line links the city's two passenger railroad stations.  From the north, it provides light rail's only service at Penn Station.  By one stop inbound it has joined the other two routes, and it travels six further stops to Camden Yards, location of this photo.