Downtown Philadelphia To Lindenwold, New Jersey

The PATCO Speedline brings travelers to Center City, Philadelphia from as far out as Lindenwold, New Jersey, the location for this photo.  The line was transformed from a very short interstate route in the late1960s; the original portion of the route, which started operation across the Delaware River in 1936, went but four stations from downtown Philadelphia to downtown Camden.  It was operated by Philadelphia Rapid Transit, and was called "The Bridge Line.". 

The newly extended route in New Jersey was innovative in its day, featuring much automation and high-speed operation.  It was well-patronized from the beginning, and exciting to read about in an era during which urban rail transit elsewhere was pretty much stagnant or declining. 

The line is operated by the Port Authority Transit Corp., a component of the Delaware River Port Authority of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.  The route is a bit over fourteen miles long, with a total of thirteen stations.