As it travels parallel to the Hudson between Hoboken and Jersey City PATH has three stations close to the river: the terminal at Hoboken, Pavonia/Newport, and Exchange Place.  At all three locations the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad, predecessor to PATH, once met standard rail lines that ended by the water.   Arriving railroad passengers could continue on to Manhattan by H&M underground, or by taking one of the many ferries, operated by the railroads, then in service. 

Only Hoboken, location for the photo on this page, still serves this purpose.  Upstairs from PATH is the rather decrepit elegance of the former Lackawanna Terminal, from where NJ Transit runs commuter trains to and from various destinations.  Hudson Bergen Light Rail is also located nearby.

Hoboken is the end of the tracks for this branch of PATH, but in a traffic scheme unusual in the U.S., some trains are through-routed here, requiring a change in direction.  The rail fan can start his or her trip at Journal Square in Jersey City seated facing forward, and then watch the motorman leave the first car at Hoboken, keys in hand.  A few minutes later the rider winds up looking rearward as the train continues onward toward 33rd St. in Manhattan.  The particular service that does this operates during hours of limited patronage. 

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