Rubber Tires to the North

The core portion of Montreal Métro was built in anticipation of the city's Expo '67, and thus by now it is a fairly old example of the "new" urban subway system.  Some of the four lines have seen moderate expansion during the ensuing decades.

One of the more unusual features of the Métro is its use of rubber tires, in the fashion of much of the Paris system.  The ride does indeed seem different, and the guideways present an unusual appearance to those used to more conventional technology.  The rubber allows for better negotiation of grades and quick acceleration and braking.  It is supposed to result in a quieter ride as well.  Somewhat visible in this photo taken at Berri-UQAM, standard steel rails, available for use in emergency situations, also are present, inside the guideways. 

Downtown stations are linked to an extensive system of passageways and corridors, and a multitude of underground shops and services.